Safe+ version 1.49

Fingerprint scanner support for Android 6 and above; Ability to exclude folders (and its content) from search results; Now Safe+ can import vCards from filesystem and contacts from address book (via share); Many other improvements and bugfixes.

Safe+ version 1.48

Notifications for any date fields (we’ll not let you forget anything!); Ability to use external storage (SD-card) to save your backups on Android L and greater; Many bugfixes and stability improvements.

Safe+ version 1.47

Easy to remember passwords added to generator; Icons resolution improved (; Personal settings of each folder; Import from Safe+; Fixed compatibility issues with Android L (5.x).

Safe+ version 1.46

All UI graphics was totally redesigned; Black UI theme added; Improvements of the integrated PIN-keyboard; Support of the Sony SmartWatch 2 added; Devices with Android below 3.1 now not supported; Bug fixes.

Safe+ version 1.44

1.44.6 Minor but very important bug fixes. 1.44.5 Polish localization; Import from Safe In Cloud; Choosing an encoding by default for loading text files; Improving selection dialogue of the external viewer; Bug fixes, including as reported by users. 1.44.4 Ability Continue reading

Safe+ version 1.43

Manual sorting of lists of folders / cards / files; Import from Password Saver 4.x; Optionally disable screen blanking during the application activity; Other bug fixes and improvements.

Safe+ version 1.41

Added import from SafeWallet and SPB Wallet (via SafeWallet); Added data export; Switchable delimiter of the lists; Some bugfixes with synchronization and files insertion from external apps.