Import directory structure with the files

Along with inset files from version 1.44 Safe+ adds the ability to directly insert the directory structure of the file system with all files and subfolders. How to do it.


Folders (directories) on the file system are created in the application as folders. The name and description is extracted from the name of the file system: the name and following it after the semicolon – the description.

My folder; This is description of my folder

Icon for folder in the application is assigned to the “folder” icon from built-in gallery, but you can assign yours, custom icon: it needs to place an image file with a specific name within a folder on the file system, it will be used to generate an icon. The image must be in PNG or JPEG format. (preferably usage of prepared earlier icons in PNG format with alpha channel and a resolution of 72×72 pixels). File must be named folder-icon.png or folder-icon.jpg.



The files from the file system are added as files: the names of the files in the application match the names of files in the file system, but without the extensions.

For the graphic files the preview icons will be automatically generated. For other files icons assigned according to the its types.