This application is designed for the secure storage of private information, such as files, passwords, data for bank accounts and everything else whatever one likes.

All your data and files inside the safe are protected by 256-bitAESencryption: no one can see or listen it (except you, of course). If you decide that your old password is discredited, recode the entire base with a new password.

To create a card, use ready-made templates or create your own. Share and/or set templates of other users.

Set the icons to the cards from preset gallery, download additional packages of icons or create your own.

Use a simple navigation through the tree or use the quick search for the desired card or file. Move and copy the card between the folders.  Customize interface and behavior of the application to fit your preferences.

Securely view embedded images with the integrated viewer: without writing to flash.

Any files within the application and outside can be added to the Safe by means of function “Share” or “Send”. Create and restore backups of your data directly on your mobile device. Synchronize database directory between multiple devices through cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP(S), by a separate module), synchronize with an unlimited number of desktop versions.

Key features

  • synchronization to Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP(S) (separate module)
  • user icons can be removed and replaced
  • duplicating (copying) cards
  • built-in image viewer
  • multiple operations with the objects inside the Safe tree
  • insert multiple files to the Safe
  • compact lists of folders and cards
  • copying the cards fields values through the area of notifications
  • insert (upload) files to the Safe from any external application
  • download and upload templates
  • graphic key to open Safe
  • download additional icons packs
  • the ability to change the size of text in the application
  • file saving, modified (edited) from the Safe
  • manual objects sorting in the tree

Available localizations at the moment

English ,  Русский ,  Українська ,  Беларуская  — Zholdak Aleksey
Deutsch  — Valentin Roditschkin
Spanish  — Pau Galindo